New products in Apirl 2018 are released!!!

Hi Everyone

After  3 months pause, we release new products now!

Please enjoy.

1/700 New products

FS710003Lite 1/700 WWII IJN Destroyer Yukikaze Easy Upgrade set for Fujimi

FS710211 1/700 WWII IJN Type D (Tei) Escort Upgrade set for Pit-road

FS710215SP 1/700 WWII IJN Akitsuki Class Destroyer Upgrade set for Aoshima

FS710146 1/700 3D Resin Vessel staff II (30pcs)

FS710147 1/700 3D Resin Vessel staff III (50pcs)

FS710184 1/700 WWII IJN 3rd Year Type 41cm/45 Brass Barrel for Nagato Class (8pcs)

FS710185 1/700 WWII IJN Ship Bollard for Battleships (18pcs)

FS710187 1/700 WWII IJN Davit for 9m Cutter for Nagato class (extreme precise version)(2pcs)

FS710188 1/700 WWII IJN Anti-swing Fixed Bar for 9m Cutter & Cargo Boat Davits (Precise Version)

FS710213 1/700 Tables and Chairs (for all countries and eras)

1/350 New products

FS350064 1/350 WWII USN Fletcher Class Destroyer Complete Upgrade set for Tamiya 78012

FS350020 1/350 WWII USN Caisson for Oerlikon

FS350022 1/350 WWII USN Battleship Catapult (Late type)

FS350023 1/350 WWII USN Battleship Catapult (Early type)

FS350025 1/350 WWII USN Liferaft Cable

FS350045 1/350 WWII  USN Accommodation Ladder

FS350052 1/350 USN LCAC Upgrade set (2 vessels)  for Trumpeter & MRC 64005

FS350054 1/350 PLAN J15(Su-33) Upgrade set (8set) for Trumpeter

FS350055 1/350 PLAN Z8 Upgrade set (6set) for Trumpeter

FS350058 1/350 USN AV8B Harrier Upgrade set (6set) for Trumpeter 06259

FS350061 1/350 USN CH-53E Upgrade set (4set) for Trumpeter 06257

FS350062 1/350 USN CH-46 Upgrade set (4set) for Trumpeter 06256

FS350063 1/350 USN AH-1W/Z Upgrade set (6set) for Trumpeter 06255

FS350073 1/350 PLAN Ka27 Ka28 Upgrade set (6set) for Trumpeter 06213