New products in September 2016 are released!!!!!!

Hi modellers

We are releasing 25 new products this month. Please click the following links to look upon them.

FS351007 1/350 WWII IJN Bollard for Destroyer I (small size) (12pcs)

FS351008 1/350 WWII IJN Bollard for Destroyer II (large size) (12pcs)

FS351016 1/350 WWII IJN Ship Clocks (Small size) (8pcs)

FS700088 1/700 WWII USS Hornet CV-8 1942 Aircraft Carrier Upgrade set for Trumpeter 05727

FS700091 1/700 WWII USS Maryland BB-46 1945 Upgrade set for Trumpeter 05770

FS710108 1/700 WWII IJN Asashio Class Destroyer (Late Type) Upgrade set for Pit-road W31 SPW35

FS710110 1/700 WWII IJN 53cm Torpedo (for all 53cm Types) (8pcs)

FS710111 1/700 WWII IJN Ship Vent I (large size) (12pcs)  for BB etc

FS710113 1/700 WWII IJN Ship Vent III (large size) (12pcs)  for CA etc

FS710116 1/700 WWII IJN Bollard for Destroyer (12pcs)

FS710118 1/700 WWII IJN Catapult I

FS710123 1/700 WWII IJN Destroyer Suzutsuki Upgrade Super Set for Aoshima 02464

FS710124 1/700 WWII IJN Type NO.1 Auxiliary Patrol Boat Upgrade set for Hasegawa 49436 49437

FS710125 1/700 WWII IJN Deck Canopy Bracket (Easy Assembling Version)

FS710126 1/700 WWII IJN Anti-shell Plate

FS710127 1/700 WWII Imperial Seal of Japan

FS710128 1/700 WWII IJN Aircraft Carrier Main Mast I

FS710129 1/700 WWII IJN Aircraft Carrier Flightdeck Anti-dropping Net

FS710132 1/700 WWII IJN Wooden Bucket (8pcs)

FS710134 1/700 WWII IJN Shipyard Dock with Gantry Crane

FS710139 1/700 WWII Shipyard Mobile Gantry Crane

FS710140 1/700 General Grid (Small spacing)

FS710141 1/700 General Grid (Large spacing)

FS710142 1/700 WWII IJN Watertight Door

FS720016 1/700 WWII IJN Type NO.51 Submarine Chaser Resin Model Kit

Yi Xudong